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    Why choose Xinrui?

    Xinrui heat-insulation glass wool is mainly used for steel structure, wall insulation and pipe insulation, and central air-condition duct, interior partition and train cars acoustic insulation .It has good performances such as heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction. Meanwhile, the product has the light texture, corrosion-resistance, noncombustion and other futures. It is the new green energy-saving product and has been widely used in the market.

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    Xinrui always adhere to the "quality first, good faith," for the purpose , the "pursuit of industry-leading, build energy-saving products" as the company's goals, Concentrate on improving quality, undivided attention to do the brand , the company's committed to the product quality and all kinds of service , with sincerity to create satisfied . Practicing "My heart to your heart," the simple wishes by action , with customers interdependence, mutual benefit and achieve common development with customers.

    manbetx体育软件下载 - 主页

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